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"Satisfying employment at my preferred location, really?  How is that possible?"

When you leave the military, you shouldn't have to accept another set of orders to a place you really don't want to live.  If you have been told "you have to go where the jobs are" but you know where you want to live and work, we may be able to help you find satisfying employment at your preferred location. 

Our services are provided at NO COST TO YOU; placement fees are paid by employers after you are hired.

You are in demand.  Former and transitioning military people have in-depth training and skills along with a proven track record of performance.  You also possess uncommon character traits instilled throughout your military service.  All this taken together makes a complete package sought after by companies all across the United States.  The Honor Bridge uses a proven system in use for decades and recognized across the country as the best for placing former and transitioning military candidates in satisfying jobs located where they want to live.  If you have the training, experience and skill set desired by private companies without any significant factors which would affect the hiring decision, we will work with you one-on-one to find satisfying employment. 

Do you want to return to your hometown or your spouse's hometown to live after the military?  Is your spouse established with a good job and you would like satisfying employment nearby?   Do you have aging relatives you'd like to be near?  We will focus on that location and a commuting radius you're comfortable with and find employment opportunities for you there.

"OK, but I'd be happy in a certain state or region of the country.  Can you help me?"

Yes, if you have what employers are looking for.  We will work with you to tailor our search assistance to fit your particular situation.

"I've used a recruiter before and my experience was not what I had hoped.  How is The Honor Bridge different?"

If you meet the requirements mentioned above and are accepted into our program, you will be assigned one of our highly trained staff to assist you throughout your job search from the beginning to the start of your new career.  You'll have a dedicated partner in your job search.  You won't be handed off to others or attend a large, impersonal hiring event.  He or she will search your preferred location for companies interested in you, arrange interviews with hiring decision-makers, prepare you for those interviews, and assist through the offer process including compensation negotiations.  We'll ensure you are satisfied throughout the entire process and with the offer you accept, and all this provided at no cost to you.

We realize that some job seekers don't want or require that level of service.  That's OK with us.  We'll work at a level that makes sense and that we are both comfortable with.

"But I've heard that you can't help those who want to live in military areas.  That's where I want to live and work."

It it true that many veterans choose to remain in the vicinity of their last duty station or choose to settle in traditional military areas.  In those locations it would seem unreasonable for any military placement company to expect a company to pay a fee to hire a military candidate when an abundant supply of good candidates exists.  If you desire to live in a military concentration area or near a large military base, The Honor Bridge may not be your best resource unless you have a rare or very marketable skill.  But do include us in your network.  We will help as best we can and perhaps steer you to another helpful resource.      

Understandably, the demand for our free services is high.  If you want to learn more about how The Honor Bridge can help you, contact us toll free at 866 544-5921 or 757 689-4508, or email us at info@thehonorbridge.com.  It's never too soon to prepare for your next career so call today!