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"So who is The Honor Bridge and why are they contacting me?"

The Honor Bridge is a recruiting and placement company which specializes in placing former and transitioning military people in good jobs with good companies located where the candidate desires to live.  We operate on a contingency basis; we charge the hiring company a fee but only if it hires our candidate (no hire / no fee).  You'll find our fees are quite reasonable and generally lower than those charged by other military recruiting and placement companies.  We operate well within industry standards of conduct as we are governed by our Guiding Principles, which are equal to or more stringent than any company code of conduct in the industry.  Our president is retired Navy Captain and combat veteran who started the company after a 25 year career.

If you are contacted by The Honor Bridge it is likely because a highly skilled transitioning or former military person (technician, technical supervisor, junior officer engineer, etc.) desires to make his or her home near your location.  You are being presented with the opportunity to consider the candidate to fill a present or future need your company may have.

"What is so special about your candidates?"

Let's start with the basics.  The desire to serve one's country and the willingness to lay down one's life for their country says a lot about the very nature of those drawn to America's volunteer military services.  Once they enter basic training, the character traits necessary for our forces to succeed are cultivated: honor, courage, commitment, duty, self-discipline, persistence, integrity, self-motivation, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, and over time, leadership.  Consider the responsibility granted a young infantryman standing guard over his unit's remote outpost in Afghanistan, and the consequences and degree to which he will be held accountable if he should falter. 

Next consider the amount of training involved in the high tech systems employed by today's military.  We've seen the missiles going through windows; those high-tech electronic and electromechanical systems have to function at a high degree of reliability.  Those systems are maintained by highly trained military personnel, because in the middle of the ocean in the middle of a war there is no factory representative or overnight delivery.  Those highly trained personnel are being led by senior technical leaders and junior officers who must keep their composure in battle or emergency situations, lead from the front in challenging environmental conditions day and night, and not quit until the task is complete and the mission is a success and all are accounted for.  To do all that they must earn and maintain the respect of those they lead.

Those are some of the reasons why military candidates are special.  But after military service and many months and even years away from home, some candidates want to go to the place they call home.  Living and working at a location they desire means a lot to them and counts as compensation in its own right.  That's why The Honor Bridge candidates are even more special.  When they find employment where they want to live they are happier, more productive, and much more likely to stay with a company long term.

Still we are aware that there are exceptions and that not all transitioning military candidates have all the characteristics desired, and some may even have instances in their past which a company would not find desirable.  That's why we get involved with our candidates and will not present those who we determine should not be offered as candidates from The Honor Bridge.     

"I've never used a recruiter before.  Why should I use one now?"

Very large companies use military placement companies for military talent all the time.  If you aren't a very large company, it's likely that you haven't been contacted by traditional military placement companies whose account executives typically take job orders from the corporate headquarters of very large corporations.  Their business model relies on the candidate's willingness to go where the jobs are (where their job orders are).  The Honor Bridge turns their business model upside down, knowing that a military candidate will be happier, more content, more productive and less likely to leave a company located where he or she wants to live.  So we contact companies in that area only, and in many cases it is the first time your company or your branch has been contacted by a recruiter.

Now some questions:  What's a great employee worth to your company?  Would you be willing to pay a little extra to get your hands on one right now?  How often do the great ones fall into your lap?  Is it easy for you to find good leaders?  If it doesn't cost anything to meet a military candidate, is it worth 30 minutes of your time to meet one who wants to live where you do?

Placement services for military veterans based on location preference have been in existence for decades.  Many, many companies like yours have profited by hiring a military trained and highly-skilled technician, supervisor or officer who fell into their lap through the efforts of The Honor Bridge and companies like ours.