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The Quality of our Candidates 

  • Superior Training - In many areas military technical training is unsurpassed and the leadership training is the best; it HAS to be. 
  • Character - Honor, courage, commitment, integrity, self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, teamwork, etc. are drilled into American military people from day one of their service. 
  • Pre-screened - Recognizing that even the military isn't immune from the occasional exception, we screen our candidates for negative factors and will not present candidates to you if we discover them in our screening process.  All candidates presented to you by The Honor Bridge have honorable discharges.  Also consider that all military candidates have been subjected to random drug screening throughout their military service; and not showing up for work, even showing up an hour late for work, is a punishable offense. 

Cost Effective

  • Geographic Preference - With rare exceptions, our candidates have compelling reasons to want to live and work at your location.  That fact in itself increases job satisfaction.  Employees content with their location are less likely to leave, decreasing your turnover costs.
  • Relocation Expenses - Nearly all of our candidates have relocation benefits from their military service and do not require relocation assistance. 
  • Contingency (No Hire = No fee) - While the fees we charge employers are at or below industry average, you pay nothing unless and until you hire.  If you interview one of our candidates and feel he or she is not worth every cent of our fee, simply don't hire.  While you may not see him or her as a fit for your needs, at least you have had the opportunity to meet a military veteran and thank him or her for their service.
  • Professional Search - If you have a need in your organization that a military-trained candidate can fill, let us know.  Chances are we can find the person you're looking for quickly without the hassle of going through stacks of resumes and high advertising expense.  And again, we operate on a contingency basis only.  Unless you hire our candidate there is no fee or other cost to you.    

Our Company

The Honor Bridge is led by Captain Ralph Ricardo, USN (retired), a former Naval Aviator, commanding officer, and combat veteran who insists the same positive character traits found in our candidates be prevalent in all employees and staff.  Our Guiding Principles govern everything we do and serve as our code of conduct, one of the most stringent in the industry.  When you do business with The Honor Bridge you will be doing business with one of the most, if not THE most ethical recruiting and placement firms in the country.

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